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SensorVista Products
The following software is compatible with the SensorVista Platform:
  • Vision Graphs - User-defined surveillance, detection, tracking and learning filters. Includes dozens of pre-defined templates and filters.
  • Recognition - Detect people, animals and cars from miles away, using state-of-the-art computer vision, learning networks and camera networks.
  • Tracking - Autonomous geospatial object tracking. Motion-enabled tracking.
  • Zones, Events and Actions - Support for unlimited user-defined 2D and 3D geospatial security zones, sensor notification events and actions.
  • SensorVista Platform - Works seemlessly-with and has special support for Prism, Marble and Unilert. Platform receives object and tracking information.
  • Self-Calibration - Patent-pending fully-autonomous self-calibration technique to determine lens distortions and geospatial positions
  • Cameras and Drones - Prism is compatible with most digital and analog video sensors, including most all security cameras and UAVs.

SV Unilert, Provides supports for dozens of industry alert, notification and messaging protocols.  The service can read messages from variety of protocols and consolidate messages into a single protocol of your choice.   Protocols include ICD, CAP, OPC and SAS to name a few.  Unilert's, service oriented architecture (SOA), is comprised of messaging queues and user-defined events.  User-defined events can include 2D line (trip-wires) and 3D geospatial security zones for outdoor security, all of which include: scheduling, counters and prioritization.
SV Unilert can transform any of the protocol formats, listed as follows, into any other format.  This enables a high-level of both interoperability and transparency between multiple different systems.
  • SEIWG ICD - Interface Control Document 0100, 0101
  • OASIS CAP - Common Alerting Protocol 1.1, 1.2
  • OGC SWE - Sensor Web Enablement
  • OGC SOS - Sensor Observation Service
  • OGC SAS - Sensor Alert Service
  • OGC WNS - Web Notification Service
  • SensorML, TransducerML
  • OPC AE - Alarm and Events
  • OPC DA - Data Access
  • SNMP
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