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SensorVista Products
The following software is compatible with the SensorVista Platform:
  • Record Analog Video - Support for 16 or 32 simultaneous analog video BNC inputs (See. PCI DAQ).
  • Record Network Video - Can record video from any IP-based M-JPEG, MPEG or RTP video source.
  • Real-Time Streaming - Server provides RTSP stream control for TCP and multicast UDP. Supports H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and other formats.
  • Advanced Playback - Audio and video can "coded" in many popular formats, such as: Apple® QuickTime, Adobe® Flash, Intel® Indeo, Microsoft® WMV and MPEG.
  • HD DVD and Blu-ray - Special authoring support for HD DVD and Blu-ray, include: sub-title localization, regional encoding and user-defined menus.
  • X-BOX Video - Watch video on Xbox 360®console using the UPnP streaming media services.
  • High-Performance - Services are multi-threaded and performance can be scaled based-on usage and requirements. Suitable platform for network media broadcasting.
  • High-Availability - Services can be clustered using active-passive clustering using Windows Servr technology.

SV Prism, Network media broadcast system with support for wide range of popular DVRs, IP network and analog-based media systems. Works seamlessly with SV Fovea's object recognition, motion tracking and detection capabilities. Advanced support for multicast networks.

SV Prism platform provides services, applications and codecs for media transmission and compression, such as H.264 Video and MPEG-2 audio. A single media service can stream to thousands of devices via multicast. Multi-client internet-based streaming possible via built-in TCP filers.
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