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The following software is compatible with the SensorVista Platform:
  • Photo-realism - Track entities across 3D infrastructure and terrain around the globe with sub-meter precision and detail
  • Impressive Geospatial Features - Support for Keyhole KML, OGC Web Map Service (WMS) and OGC Web Map Tile Service (WMTS).
  • Import Sensors, Models and Floor Plans - OGC SensorML (SWE), CAD DXF/DWG, Stanford PLY, Collada DAE and X File.
  • Video Wall - Display up to 32 live video or playback streams, simultaneously.
  • Hardware Acceleration - GPU acceleration support for 3D display, multiple monitors and in-line video
  • Kiosk-Mode - For guards and command centers Marble can run in Kiosk-mode for more secure operations.
  • User-Role Features - Administrators can control user-roles and features easy-to-use interface. Support for LDAP.
  • Mobile - Coming Soon! All the features on your SmartPhone and hand-held device

SV Marble, is a 3D geospatial visualization application, which when necessary, seamlessly transforms into a Video Wall to display video from unlimited number of sources. This platform is ideal for both large scale command centers and smaller security shelters or anywhere that "multi-site" security is needed. The product delivers uncompromising performance for instant real-time 3D geospatial visualization, designed to secure a wide-range of assets and critical infrastructure. Setup and configure new sites in just minutes.

SV Marble, is the most-essential tool for dealing-with real-time security threats. The SV Marble also works great for post-threat assessment (i.e. historical analytics, litigation), wherein SV Marble can "playback" security threats using data from "all sensors". View our collection of demonstration videos in the Videos section under downloads to see the software in action for yourself.

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