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SensorVista, the world leader in computer vision and surveillance, is seeking the most talented engineers and scientists around the globe to help combat global terrorism and solve today's problems using tomorrow's technology.
Media Player
Media Player
  • Real-Time Streaming - Streaming network video and audio support for H.264, RTSP/RTP and HTTP.
  • Industry Formats - Support for many popular media formats, such as: Apple® QuickTime, Adobe® Flash, Intel® Indeo, Microsoft® WMV and MPEG.
  • Playlists - Media manager allows user's to create, edit and save playlists.
  • Media Filter - Advanced media filters to adjust audio and video attributes, such as: contrast, gamma correction, loudness, noise, jitter, etc
  • Media Converter - Convert from one media format to another. Back-up your Blue-rays or DVDs.
  • Media Stitcher - Stitch and mix videos & audio together. Create your own videos.
  • YouTube Importer - Import vidos from YouTube and save for offline viewing.
  • DVD Author - Create your own DVDs complete with sub-titles, locales and tracks.

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