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SensorVista Products
The following software is compatible with the SensorVista Platform:
Media Player
Media Player
  • Real-Time Streaming - Streaming network video and audio support for H.264, RTSP/RTP and HTTP.
  • Industry Formats - Support for many popular media formats, such as: Apple® QuickTime, Adobe® Flash, Intel® Indeo, Microsoft® WMV and MPEG.
  • Playlists - Media manager allows user's to create, edit and save playlists.
  • Media Filter - Advanced media filters to adjust audio and video attributes, such as: contrast, gamma correction, loudness, noise, jitter, etc
  • Media Converter - Convert from one media format to another. Back-up your Blue-rays or DVDs.
  • Media Stitcher - Stitch and mix videos & audio together. Create your own videos.
  • YouTube Importer - Import vidos from YouTube and save for offline viewing.
  • DVD Author - Create your own DVDs complete with sub-titles, locales and tracks.

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