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SensorVista, the world leader in computer vision and surveillance, is seeking the most talented engineers and scientists around the globe to help combat global terrorism and solve today's problems using tomorrow's technology.
  • High-Performance - Native graphics and video support for DirectX 11 on Windows Phone 8
  • Geocoding - Gadgets and user-defined objects are instantly geocoded.
  • Gadgets - Includes a few free gadgets: Compass, Item Locator. No cue cards required
  • Stereovision - Stereoscopic projections and anaglyph shaders make for immense 3D graphics

SV MobileAR, is the augmented reality (AR) platform of the future. Super cheap technology available to everyone today. Interact with reality in a whole new way, using powerful 3D stereovision graphics and only your Windows, Android or Apple phone. Image shown here is actual goggles 3D printed in black ABS plastic, includes ABS latch-clips, 2 lens w/holders and purple webbing. NOTE: Here we can see MobileAR generated augmented tiles on the floor.

The SV MobileAR Goggles shown throughout this section are readily available for 3D printing via the following link:  If you don't own your own 3D printer, then you may purchase the goggles from our site, which are 3D-printed from high-quality ABS plastic.  The goggles were designed using NURBS. Non-uniform rational basis spline (NURBS) is a mathematical model commonly used in computer graphics for generating and representing curves and surfaces. NURBS provides high-quality 3D prints every time, becasue there are no edges or seems, if designed right. E.g. Parts are smooth and thermoplastic is well-formed.

Source code was written custom in-house and is still proprietary. Protected code includes (GPS/GLONAS code, stereo projection matrix code); however, we still plan to provide basic stereo projection GPS matrix code SOON to PUBLIC. Our production applications and platform are currently limited to only Windows-based phones (DirectX 11). However, plans for OpenGl ports (Android/Apple) are in the works with the help of our friends from Xamarin. Here is a screenshot of the actual code, before it’s obfuscated and uploaded to Windows Store.

Pictured here we have one project is devoted C++ (MobileAR library), while the other project uses C# (Windows Phone Store app/game). Our C++ MobileAR library provides a "native" DirectX 11 implementation that uses a multi-threaded core via new C++ concurrency features (parallelism). The C# application simply hosts the MobileAR library and provides Windows store-specific code, along with sensory input. Sensors that control two augmented reality camera projection matrices include the IMU (inertia measurement unit) and GPS/GLONAS receiver.

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