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The following software is compatible with the SensorVista Platform:
Nite Eye
Nite Eye
  • Advanced Night Vision - Atmospheric day/night lens, active IR cut filter switch, Infrared-sensing 5MP imaging chip
  • 10X Night Zoom - See 100 yards in the dark of night with included 6W IR LED array @ 850 nm
  • HD Night Video - Stream live HD video (720p) @ 30 fps using H.264
  • Wireless - 802.11b/g/n includes SMA Wifi antenna @ 75 yard range. Secure, Easy setup on your wireless network via USB
  • Mobile Ready - Works with any Mobile Phone
  • Web Cam Ready - Stream live video securly over the internet, so you can access from anywhere using MJPEG
  • SensorVista - Camera can be configured to auto-track objects in the dark of night (Fovea) and send still-frames to your phone when an alarm occurs (Unilert), including links to live video via Web

SV Nite Eye, components can be downloaded from Thingiverse via following link:

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