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SensorVista, the world leader in computer vision and surveillance, is seeking the most talented engineers and scientists around the globe to help combat global terrorism and solve today's problems using tomorrow's technology.
Nite Eye
Nite Eye
  • Advanced Night Vision - Atmospheric day/night lens, active IR cut filter switch, Infrared-sensing 5MP imaging chip
  • 10X Night Zoom - See 100 yards in the dark of night with included 6W IR LED array @ 850 nm
  • HD Night Video - Stream live HD video (720p) @ 30 fps using H.264
  • Wireless - 802.11b/g/n includes SMA Wifi antenna @ 75 yard range. Secure, Easy setup on your wireless network via USB
  • Mobile Ready - Works with any Mobile Phone
  • Web Cam Ready - Stream live video securly over the internet, so you can access from anywhere using MJPEG
  • SensorVista - Camera can be configured to auto-track objects in the dark of night (Fovea) and send still-frames to your phone when an alarm occurs (Unilert), including links to live video via Web

SV Nite Eye, components can be downloaded from Thingiverse via following link:

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